Diane Kennedy, CPA “The Loopholes Queen”

Democrats attack outsourcing to save their own jobs

You may not know much about tax law, but if you’ve been watching Democratic campaign ads almost anywhere in the country you do know one thing by now: American corporations get tax breaks for shipping jobs to China.

Client Finds Hidden Gold By Understanding Financial Statements

One of the things we do with our USTaxAid Services clients is look at the stats of their businesses with them. Understanding your own financial statement story can be one of the most powerful tools you can have.
Here’s a true story of how one business recognized a problem before it got too big […]

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The Truth Behind Google’s Teeny-Tiny Tax Rate

As long as tax loopholes stay open, companies will take advantage.

Why We Should Eliminate the Corporate Income Tax

The FT has a piece today on the administration’s plans to lower the corporate income tax rate in…

What is “Tenancy By The Entirety” & Why Should I Know About It?

What is “Tenancy By The Entirety” and Why Should I Know About It? By Mayer D. Liebman, DDS Last week I was in St. Louis, MO talking to a group of doctors from Illinois and Missouri.  Everything was going great … Continue reading →
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