Diane Kennedy, CPA “The Loopholes Queen”

Let’s begin to think big about the tax code

The conventional wisdom is that Tuesday’s Republican rout will mean President Obama has to stop thinking big and begin compromising where he can. That’s only half right. To get anything done over the next two years, Obama will have to compromise with t…

Colorado takes a different approach to Taxing the Internet

We’ve been talking all week about Internet tax, and nexus – how state governments are trying to drag Internet retailers into their states and force them to collect sales tax. We’ve talked about North Carolina, Texas and New York, as well as states that want you to impose a sales tax on digital downloads. In […]

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Letter: Republicans to blame for current problems

S.O.S. Please go to tax.com to David Cay Johnson’s article. Surprise! Politicians creating tax policy with their eyes on re-election, not what’s best for America.

Look Out For These States if You Give Away or Sell Downloads

In a minute, I’m going to cover what states are doing with sales tax for digital downloads and how giving away a manual or coaching materials could make your services subject to sales tax. But first, let’s go over nexus and sales tax and how this might effect you more than you might think.
We’ve […]

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First up: truce on expiring tax cuts

The Bush tax cuts expire in 59 days. If Congress does not take action before then — Dec. 31 — taxes will go up for nearly all households.