Diane Kennedy, CPA “The Loopholes Queen”

Read This Before You Answer Any Nexus Questionnaire

Warning! There could be a nexus questionnaire that coming your way right now. Read this before you answer any questionnaire from ANY state.
If you’ve been following our USTaxAid blog posts over the past year or so, you’ve seen one term come up again and again – “nexus.”
Nexus means connection. If […]

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Paul Abrams: Tax Cut Diplomacy Under Reconciliation: Allow Top Rate to Rise or Close Loopholes (2:1)

–“The truth is many, namely one”. Congressional Democrats are in a very strong position with respect to the tax/budget issue that they are about to…

Conrad Calls for Keeping Range of Tax Credits, Deductions

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Senator Kent Conrad, a member of the presidential commission on deficit reduction, said he will oppose any plan that eliminates all tax breaks to help close the nation’s budget gap.

Google’s tax rate: 2.4 percent

Google Inc. cut its taxes by $3.1 billion in the last three years using a technique that moves most of its foreign profits through Ireland and the Netherlands to Bermuda.

Ukraine goes offshore

The proliferation of tax-minimization schemes, some of dubious legality, is costing the Ukrainian state budget billions of dollars each year in lost revenue. Yet officials show no inclination to crack down on these offshore havens. Why?