Diane Kennedy, CPA “The Loopholes Queen”

A Purpose Bigger Than You Are

Have you ever known a business owner who seems on a fast track to success who suddenly got stopped?  In my decades of working with business owners, I’ve seen plenty […]

When Do You Retire?

Where are you with your retirement dreams? Maybe it’s something way off in the distant future. Or maybe it’s something you dream of every day (probably because you hate your […]

What Comes After Financial Freedom

I’ve been thinking a lot about financial journeys lately. I’m concerned that there are a lot of people who have gotten hit hard and aren’t going to be able to […]

Discrimination Sucks

I talk a lot about businesses at my various sites. It all started when people asked me how they could have more money and pay less tax. The answer is […]

What Different Results? Look At Your Intention First

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to figure out how to start making money at home online or just trying to figure out how to make your business work, there is one […]