Diane Kennedy, CPA “The Loopholes Queen”

Double Your Income, Double Your Time Off

Okay, first of all a note to make sure you read all the fine print. I’m not promising that you’ll double your income and double your time off by doing […]

Put Yourself In the Path of Serendipity

Serendipity means ‘happy accident.’ It means you get some unexpected surprise you didn’t work for. So it might seem completely contrary to think about having to do work you can do to […]

How I Created Serendipity the Second Time

Serendipity means a happy accident. It’s how you (or your business) have an unexpected and positive result without specific work Some people call it luck. Others call it dumb luck. […]

Two Tough Tax Seasons Ahead of Us

I predict the next two tax seasons are going to be tough. First of all, this year.  In tax season 2013, we’re preparing 2012 returns.  When Congress finally got around […]

Why I’m Done with 90 DayBusiness Blitzes

I owe an explanation to all the people who came over to my Facebook page on 90 Day Business Blitz.  I promised I would tell you what I was doing […]