Diane Kennedy, CPA “The Loopholes Queen”

What is a Serendipitous Business?

If you are my friend over on Facebook, you’ve probably seen my posts about our serendipitous business. It’s a business opportunity that showed up, unplanned. I used to have a […]

Time Can Lead To Money and Money Can Lead to Time: Which Do You Want?

I’ve been an accountant (or bookkeeper) since before I was an adult. It’s the only profession I’ve ever had. What I do has always been the same. And yet, I’ve […]

Sometimes You Just Have to Pick Up the Phone

When I shut down my company Diane Kennedy’s Tax Loopholes, I changed a lot of things about the tax info business. It was more than just the name, which has […]

Can You Stay Committed To Your Business When It Gets Hard?

My partner, Megan Hughes, and I have been going through an interesting time right now. We started a side business and wanted to buy a website for it. That was […]

Just Be Nice

I bet that somewhere along the line, somebody tried to sell you a bill of goods. Nice guys finish last. Kindness is weakness. If you want to get ahead, you’ve […]