For 30 years, I’ve been saving taxes for my clients. That means I need to know the tax laws and create innovative strategies. And it also means I need accurate and timely financial statements from my clients.

It’s really simple:

No financial statements = Too much tax.

Ask yourself: Can you pull together an accurate and current financial statement in the next 30 minutes?

Accurate means that there could be some CPA adjustments necessary for end-of-the-year, but other than that you know how much money you’ve made this year, what kind of expenses you have, and what your assets and liabilities are.

Current means the financial statement is no more than 30 days old.


I found that the #1 problem a lot of my business and investor clients struggled with was finding a competent, honest bookkeeper that was also affordable.

I’ve had thousands of clients beg me to start a bookkeeping company that provided just that. And so, in 2011, I did.

Cash Flow Accounting is a full-service, affordable bookkeeping service. But we’re more than just your bookkeepers. We help you analyze your business and make smart moves, knowing how to read the story of your financial statements.

We operate ‘virtually’ which means that you don’t need to furnish computers, computer support, benefits, office space, or any of the other hundreds of ‘little’ expenses that can cost you thousands of extra dollars per year.

Get started today! Call us at 1-866-829-2368 or go to Cash Flow Accounting Services to fill out your bookkeeping paperwork.

We are:

  • Responsive to your needs. We strive to answer all email inquiries within 24 business hours and can arrange Skype calls to discuss bookkeeping and record-keeping issues.
  • Nexus-free. Tax pros in the know will tell you the single biggest issue facing small business owners today is nexus. Hiring a bookkeeper in another state who works for you virtually can trigger nexus. We can avoid all that for you! You do NOT have to worry about nexus when you hire Cash Flow Accounting for all your bookkeeping needs.
  • Safe & Secure. We utilize HIPPA-compliant services to make sure your financial records stay safe. All Cash Flow Accounting staff has gone through a rigorous checking and training to make sure your info stays safe. Plus, through our relationship with the CPAs at USTaxAid Services, we can provide accountant-client confidentiality, if you request.
  • More Than Just Bookkeepers. You see your numbers. We see your opportunities. Learn how affordable having your own team can be! Call us at 1-866-829-2368.
  • Probably Cheaper Then You’re Paying Now. Up until now you had three choices when it came to hiring a bookkeeper: (1) Pay your CPA firm an average of $100/hour. (2) Hire a bookkeeper as an employee at an average cost (with benefits) of $40,000 per year. (3) Take your chances on hiring an unlicensed and possibly unqualified bookkeeper at $50 or more per hour. Cash Flow Accounting staff are all trained, qualified AND cheaper then any of those options.
  • Easy & Convenient. Because we work virtually, you don’t have to furnish a computer, office space, furniture, and admin and computer support. We’re ready to hit the ground running to get your books in order for you right now.
  • Affordable. It may be tempting to do your own bookkeeping. You may do that because you think it’s safer or because you think it’s faster or because you think it’s cheaper. But it’s only safer, if you are a trained bookkeeper with nothing else to do. It’s only faster if you give up everything else in your business, so you can concentrate on it and it’s only cheaper if your time has no value. Call us at 1-866-829-2368. We’ve got the affordable solution.
  • Focused on Entrepreneurs and Focused on Real Estate Investors. For years, the principals of Cash Flow Accounting have worked solely with small business owners and real estate investors, providing tax strategies, preparation, representation work and entity set up and management.
  • High Quality. Never worry if the bookkeeper you hire really knows what she’s doing or not. We provide accurate, fast and affordable service.
  • Professional. We are professionals. That means we take the trust you place in us very seriously.
  • Consistent. Never worry again about the quality or timeliness of your bookkeeping because of personal issues with your bookkeeper. We provide quality AND consistency.
  • Friendly. Sometimes the best thing we can give our clients is a smile. Yes, it is possible to find professionals who are actually nice to you.

You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. Let us help. Sign up for our affordable services now.