…. At least not today.

I’m active on Facebook and Twitter, and somewhat less active on You Tube. As a result of being in social media, I get pitched a lot of deals. And since the way most MLMs (aka multi-level marketing, network marketing, direct sales organization or independent business opportunities) make money is one of two ways: by selling a product and/or signing up other people. For most MLMs, you make a little bit of money when you sell something and a whole lot of money when you sign up people, especially if they go on to sign up people.

I’m always a little puzzled by the strategy of people who make their money by signing others up. The idea is that you have to keep selling people on the opportunity. The govt says that it has to be a real business with a real product or else you run the risk of having an illegal pyramid scam. But people who only sell the opportunity to sell others the opportunity to sell others the opportunity…. really are skating around the truth.

I don’t spend a lot of time with people with that strategy because they bounce from MLM to MLM, selling their followers on the opportunity du jour. They are born sellers and it just happens to be that they sell MLM opportunities.

Personally, I care about the product that the company has. The first MLM I was ever actively involved in was Numis Network. I still love the concept – collecting real silver and gold assets – just found an other MLM I liked even more. In this case, it’s Empower Network. I like Numis because you’re collecting silver and gold.

I LOVE Empower because you’re collecting something more precious than silver and gold. You are collecting knowledge. I’m not building Empower out like an MLM, though. If someone wants to sign up under me, they get to join into my coaching program and it’s frankly the cheapest way there is to get tax saving access to me. (I personally talk to everyone on my team. It’s much harder to become one of my private clients)

This isn’t a pitch to join Empower, but if you want to find out more, contact me through any of these ways listed here:

The reason I’m not joining any more MLMs is that I’m getting exactly what I want. Empower is giving me access to really cutting edge Internet marketing tips, ways to attract traffic, copywriting skills, conversion tips and hundreds of leading edge “how to” tips. I’m not using it to build Empower, though. I’m using it to build my other companies.

Empower is about learning new skills. I can use those skills in a lot of ways. For me, it’s about building out USTaxAid and my other companies. It’s no surprise that I’ve now got a company that in less than a year is making almost as much as all of my other companies combined. This one was developed using the techniques I learned from Empower.

So, if you’re in an MLM and you want to pitch me, remember I don’t want the “biz opp” part. I want to know about the product. How will that help me with my business and/or my life? Is the price better than I can find anywhere else? So far, no one has shown me anything else I care about enough to add to my limited list of MLMs.