There is a problem that every successful business owner will face at some point. Your passive income more then covers everything you want in your life. Now what? Retire? You might be surprised at the problems that can turn up when you start the concept of retiring young. Let me tell you a little bit about what happened to me.

I sold my first business when I was 35 years old. At that point, I could have just kicked back for the rest of my life. I decided I wasn’t quite ready for that, so I kept 10 clients. I figured 10 clients who were the type I really liked to work with was the right number. They were success-minded entrepreneurs and investors who were also positive thinkers and who appreciated the benefits of advisors who had expertise they didn’t.

Well, I had set up my plan for failure, because anytime you get 10 people like that together you know at least one of them is going to hit a break-out success. One of the 10 was Robert Kiyosaki, who went on to co-author the wildly popular “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series.

But before the Rich Dad success came, I had a problem. I had retired young. Now that might seem really strange to have as a problem, but imagine working in a career that might drive you a little crazy but still provided a lot of mental stimulation. You got to work with people who were interesting and active. And you had clients you liked. Sometimes the deadlines and demands got to you, and you had to give up some personal life.

But when you …just…stop… there is a gap to be filled.

Because I had the connection with Robert Kiyosaki, I built a business, went on the road, wrote a bunch of best-selling books and had the opportunity to advise members of the Senate Finance Committee and House Ways & Means Committee, plus was invited to the White House first-ever financial education round table. It was a fantastic ride. And it avoided a problem for me. I’m talking about the void and loneliness you get when you have tons of passive income and other than a few hobbies, not a lot to do with your day.

The Great Recession knocked a huge hole in our real estate wealth, so my husband Richard and I decided to build some businesses again. After the low point at the end of December 2008, we hit financial freedom again in August 2010.

And we faced a question again: Retire again? Keep building?

Our answer this time was to start two new businesses – one is It’s fulfilling a market niche I’ve seen for my successful small business clients (the need for virtual bookkeeping support that teaches as well as provides timely and accurate financial statements).

The other business is one that capitalizes on a market trend right now – making money with silver and gold. The cool thing about the second one is that it’s set up so we can partner with others in the business. And it’s allowing me to do what I really love to do – coach and mentor others on how to build successful businesses either offline or online or a combination of both.

I’ve discovered the ultimate answer to avoiding boredom and loneliness when you retire young it to just take a lot of friends with you on that road to passive residual income.

We still have a couple more spots available if you’re interested in partnering with us. It works! Find out more. Give my husband Richard a call at 888-592-4769.