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Do what you love and the money will follow.

Ever heard that? Or worse yet, ever believed it and lost your shirt, wasted your time and worst of all, lost your passion in the process?
Occasionally that business model will work. Most of the time it won’t.

That’s because you have to also create something that people want and/or need. How can you find something that people want or need? Simple! Find a problem and solve it. Now is when your imagination and entrepreneurial skills need to come into play. How can you do what you love and solve a problem for others?

That’s really all it takes to start a successful business. The rest of it: marketing, fulfillment, management and business foundational skills – will be something you develop as the time comes.

But meanwhile, if you want a successful business, just look for a problem and solve it.

The hardest lesson for me personally has been distinguishing between the wants and needs of my market. As a CPA, I think I know what they need, but it may not be what they need, or value. And along with what people want or need, make sure you’re delivering that product or service at a price they can afford and want to pay.

Business really can be that simple when you break it down to the component parts. If your business isn’t succeeding, what steps do you need to improve? It could be as simple as realizing that no one wants what you’re selling.