Hey! Welcome to the “Diane Kennedy CPA About” page! I wondered if anyone ever actually read these. Now I know.

My name is Diane Kennedy. I’m not the famous Mexican cookbook author (Diana Kennedy). I’m not the expert on autism author (Diane Kennedy Pike). And I don’t design fashion clothes out of Canada (Diane Kennedy eh).

I have had a couple of handfuls of New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Business Week best-selling books on taxes, finances and wealth-building. I’m a CPA, Tax Strategist, Business Builder, Investor and most important, a Financial Educator.

I learned a lot of lessons from my dad, who was an entrepreneur. He had a lot of businesses, just like I do. He had real estate investments – me too. He invested in silver/gold/numismatic coins. Oh, boy, I sure do that too, especially in today’s economy. And he was a lousy employee. Me too! (HINT: That’s why I had to build businesses. I couldn’t stand working for anyone else.)

Back in 2003, I co-founded a company that had the stated goal of donating 20% of the total sales income (that’s the topline sales revenue number) to charities. And we let our clients decide where that money went. One of the charities was an orphanage in Juarez.

In 2004, my husband Richard and I visited the Mexican orphanage with a film crew to record their story. When we were there, we met David, then 13, who became our much-loved son.

I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the wealthiest people in the US as their tax strategist. And I’ve been able to learn, first hand, how they made money faster and safer then anyone else.

Richard and I live at the beach now. The work we do inspires and fulfills us. We’re involved in charities we care about, have friends we love and end most days watching the sun set over the Pacific.

This blog is a lifetime’s worth (so far) of the secrets I’ve learned from the richest on how to build successful businesses and have a lot of fun doing it. Oh, and we’ll also talk about paying less in taxes and leveraging your time, so you have the time and energy to build a life right alongside with your business.

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